Altar Servers

Church of St. Aidan of Williston Park, New York

At St. Aidan this ministry is open to all boys and girls in grades five through 12 in both Catholic and Public Schools. Altar Servers assist at Sunday masses and most weekday masses, in addition to funerals and weddings. Training sessions are conducted in the fall and the spring.

Altar Server responsibilities are:
1. Caring for the altar candles
2. Bearing the candles and cross in processions
3. Carrying the incense thurible and boat
4. Assisting with holy water, water, wine and offertory gifts
5. Preparing the Eucharistic table for the Liturgy of the Eucharist
6. Holding the Roman Missal for the priest to read

Any questions regarding the Altar Server Ministry contact
Father Jeff Yildirmaz at (516) 746-6585 x9105.